For those who transport, handle and buy or sell goods, an effective transport policy is a necessity, not a luxury.

Since losses are unfortunately not unlikely events, but an everyday concrete possibility, they must be managed strategically, hence it is essential to interact with a broker specialized in transportation.

Since the transport business is quite unique, a “specialist” broker must be characterized by:

A specific legal framework, based on general customs;
An internationally oriented attitude, deriving from the importance of the import-export business for Italian businesses;
a high risks concentration, leading to a high number of losses.

The sector requirements are also extremely special, not only for the industrial and commercial companies, but also for transport professionals, like:

ship owners and charterers
logistics companies and consignees
forwarding and shipping agents
transportation companies
terminal operators
Excellent consultancy and professional transport policies management services are guaranteed by the Transport Special Division, a highly specialized structure located in Genoa.

Consultancy is a prerequisite to guarantee a comprehensive service able to tangibly meet companies’ expectations. Through an accurate risk analysis and a thorough market study, both in Italy among the 140 companies qualified to work in the Transport business and in the European international market, working directly under the “freedom of services” regime, the Transport Division is able to define a customized operational project aimed at protecting the company’s assets.

The tasks of Assiteca, through the Transport Special Division, are:

constant monitoring of the status of open losses;
updating of premiums/loss technical statistics;
evaluating the insurance consequences related to the various forms of purchases and sales, transportation modes and assumed legal or contractual responsibilities;
identifying any change from the original risk analysis;
checking the insurance budget;
at each contract renewal, reconsidering the risk and market analysis;
check the implementation of the agreed program.
Losses are comprehensively managed by the Transport Division, responsible for opening the claim, coordinating the surveyors’ activities and the joint ascertainments with the involved third parties (carriers, forwarders, ship owners, etc.) and arranging the documents collection. Assiteca subsequently draws up the “adjustment project” to be submitted to the insurance company upon the issue of the settlement receipt. Assiteca is also responsible for the direct adjustment of the loss on behalf of the Insurance Company.