The Technical Division offers technical and Risk Management services to the Customers (corporations and government agencies) of the Assiteca Group.

The staff includes experienced risk analysts who, over the years, have completed over 4.750 insurance projects, thanks to which it is possible to identify the strategy that is most appropriate for each analyzed company and later monitor it to guarantee a “real time” updating.

The procedures followed in its activities by the Technical Division are the following:

  • Preliminary “data enquiry”, based on the types of typical and/or specific risks of the analyzed company;
  • Technical visit to the offices and data collection;
  • Meeting with the company’s staff in charge of production, security, human resources, administration, legal and insurance departments;
  • Data processing:For risks identification, based on a priority scale;For a proper evaluation of the assets at risk;For the loss experience statistical study;For the calculation of possible damage, both direct and indirect;For suggestions on the prevention of the above possible damage, including those related to production disruption or slowdown;

    For the analysis of financial statement data or of the other necessary data;

    For the evaluation of the insurance status at the moment the analysis is carried out.

  • Search on the market for insurance solutions for risk prevention/control:
  • Insurance training for the workforce of the company in question.

All the information collected is processed and the result is an “Insurance project”, proposing a solution that provides protection and cost optimization, while representing a real tool for Risk Management for companies for the prevention, retention or transfer of risk.

On the insurance market, and other relevant sources, the Technical Division performs the following activities:

  • Continuous statistics, per commodity sector, on national and international taxation, global loss experience, insurance adjustments to legislation or market evolutions;
  • Refresher training courses and creation of tools on the risk management methods;
  • Research, study and creation of new products, of insurance solutions and of “special agreement” contracts for the Customers.

The professionals in the Technical Division, located in Milan, therefore guarantee the experience, the project development capabilities and the creativeness necessary to offer the best Risk Management and Business Continuity services.