The guarantee, which can be a bank or insurance, is an additional guarantee to the obligatory relation which exists between a creditor and the guarantor, the latter undertakes, with its assets to secure repayment of the loan requested in insolvency of the debtor.

The use of surety bonds and insurance is more and more frequently by private companies, which place these tools in contracts to protect company assets.

The securities have important benefits for insurance companies.

They don’t affect or allow saturate the bank credit facilities, the company’s other precious but limited resource (strategically used to finance the ordinary and extraordinary development of production processes and the business), because they are affordable and do not involve fixed cash or securities or other “collateral”.

Assiteca operates in the market with more than 20 insurance companies, both Italian and foreign, and guarantees a high profile characterized by optimizing the costs and time, from risk analysis and presentation to specialized market, issuance and delivery of contract to the customer.

Surety and Guarantees Insurance Division is based in Genoa.

Since 12 sep. 2011, is expected for non-Community goods in free circulation and due to be introduced in a VAT warehouse should be given appropriate guarantees (through a surety), commensurate with the tax resulting from the import declaration.

Assiteca has already investigated the issue and has set up some facilities with leading insurance companies specialized in the field on particularly competitive, ensuring maximum speed of trust in the process of obtaining insurance and its guarantors.