The Public Administration Division was set up about 10 years ago to meet the complex requirements of the public sector, characterized by a constantly changing National and EU legislation.

Assiteca’s presence in Italy’s major cities, its knowledge of territory peculiarities and the wide experience accrued, guarantees to our customers the utmost care in meeting any requirement. Thanks to the experience accrued over the years, today over 1.000 government agencies rely on Assiteca.

The Public Administration Division is managed from the Verona Office, where all the activities related to the Public Administration are arranged, also through a special P.A. Committee, managing all the regulatory and legal issues provided for by the National and EU laws.

Together with the Operational Management areas dedicated to P.A. present in every office, the Public Administration Division assists the involved agency in arranging the most suitable procedures for the acquisition of insurance agreements and the drawing up of Special Specifications.

The Public Administration Division of the Assiteca Groups assists the agency for all activities, including, but not limited to:

choice of the insurance policy for risk coverage;
assistance in competitive tenders operations of the Companies and comparison of tenders;
management of contracts and their periodical review;
insurance training to the agency’s workforce;
updating on insurance legislation.
The technical consultancy services are rendered with the support of the Technical Division, working in the Risk Management sector, dealing with analyses and risk prevention and security.