In Italy thousands of medium and large enterprises have started an internationalization process. The reduced labor costs and the access to new markets are the main factors leading to the choice of moving abroad a part of the business, while the main hurdles are mostly legal and administrative constraints, a possible economic instability of the hosting country and the complexities faced by managers abroad. This latter issue is undoubtedly also insurance-related.

This is why it is essential to rely on an insurance brokerage company having an international approach, which, with a high level of professionalism and independence, can manage any risk abroad.

The International Division of Assiteca Group, one of the major Italian insurance brokers, guarantees an accurate and comprehensive service to all companies operating abroad.

Assiteca works in cooperation with Lockton Global Partnership, Gallagher Global Alliance and EOS RISQ, an International insurance brokerage holding company with offices and correspondents in more than 100 countries worldwide. Thanks to the experience accrued in over twenty years in devising multinational programs, Assiteca has acquired a deep knowledge of the specific insurance issue related to the presence abroad.

The Assiteca Group’s International Division works for Italian customers as central coordinator for all foreign insurance matters, interacting between the Italian parent company and the peripheral affiliates, intervening locally when necessary. Each company of the Assiteca Group has one specialist dedicated to the international area.

Through its International Division and with the support of the Technical Division, Assiteca conducts an accurate review of the risks related to the business conducted abroad, to create and propose the Insurance Program most suitable to the Customer’s requirements and expectations.

The International Division analyzes the typical risks incurred by a company investing abroad, the risks related to liabilities on commodity trading, goods handling, ownership and use of vehicles, the Group’s internal and external communication networks and travelling staff. For each country, Assiteca additionally investigates about mandatory insurance covers, environmental and protectionism legislation.

Once risks are identified and assessed, an insurance program customized on the company is created, based on three types of International Insurance Programs, each adjustable to meet the customer’s requirements:

  1. Controlled Master Program
  2. Global Non-Admitted Program
  3. Program under the Freedom of Services regime.

In the case where the mentioned programs are not suitable for the company, Assiteca monitors and coordinates the insurance policies issued locally through its correspondents.

The common objectives to all international insurance programs are the following:

  • Cost containment and optimization
  • Adequate insurance cover for all identified risks
  • Proper size and standardization of insurance covers

The Assiteca Group’s International Division assists its Customers, anywhere they are, to ensure that all corporate risks are properly covered.