Companies are showing a growing interest for “employee benefits” for their workforce. These are incentives per se, often insurance-related, with the twofold advantage of being appreciated by employees and attractive for tax purposes for employers.

This is why Assiteca set up the Employee Benefits Division, located in Milan, especially dedicated to the development of “Employee Benefit Insurance Programs”, obtaining customizable and innovative products from the primary insurance market.

The Employee Benefits that best meet companies’ requirements are:

  • casualty policies
  • medical policies
  • life policies
  • affinity

They have been designed to meet the requirements of both individuals (entrepreneurs, managers) and of various professional categories (executives, middle-management, clericals, workmen).

They are characterized by flexibility, cost-effectiveness and comprehensiveness, since the covers can be adjusted to individual requirements, protecting employees’ everyday life, with coverage cap in line with any intervention requirement but with highly competitive insurance costs, customized on each households. Besides statutory requirements, the adoption of voluntary social security plans is increasingly becoming an essential tool for employees’ loyalty and satisfaction.

In particular, for the Medical Expenses Refund programs, the Employee Benefits & Social Security Special Division can rely on the experience accrued in studying and creating customized plans for many Assiteca’s customers.

Assiteca’s customers can also rely on a welfare fund, so that members can enjoy tax and welfare benefits provided for by current legislation. The fact that the Employee Benefits programs are included in a welfare fund, offers the advantage of transforming the insurance product in welfare benefits offered by the fund itself, which receives a contribution from the Customer. Moreover, a membership in welfare programs offered by funds allows to enjoy particularly favorable products, since economies of scale are  in play, guaranteed by the membership in a program with the participation of many companies.

Thanks to the fund offered by Assiteca, all the Group’s customers can also enjoy special exclusive guarantees dedicated to them, like Second Opinion, Long Term Care, Dread Disease policies.