Experience and a deep knowledge of the agricultural sector are fundamental to be able to offer innovative insurance solutions specific for farmers. Being agricultural risks so specific, the insurance broker needs to have a deep specialization and focus.

Assiteca Agricoltura is the company that manages and hosts the Hail and Agricultural Risks Special Division of the Assiteca Group, reinforcing and confirming the high level of specialization of this special sector.

The most required covers, according to the data collected by Assiteca, are underwritten for concessional risks, enjoying state subsidies, like the “Hail”, “Pluririsk” or “Multirisk” policies. Demand is high also for policies to guarantee greenhouses, anti-hail systems and for epizooties.

Assiteca’s specialists propose the policies that are most suitable for all the products, while evaluating and offering also specific agreements for insurances on agricultural vehicles and equipments (tractors, power shovels), for injuries, homes, holiday farms, wineries and everything related to the agricultural world.

The Hail and Agricultural Risks Special Division offers to all companies:

  •  specific assistance and consultancy to identify the insurance cover suitable to the company’s requirements, working with all insurance Companies;
  • continuous monitoring of the market and study and development of customized programs;
  • assistance in losses, coordinating the surveyors’ activity and any joint ascertainment with involved third parties;
  • review and comparison of insurance costs;
  • analysis of the appropriateness of the existing insurance covers through surveys and specific inspections.

The Hail and Agricultural Risks Special Division, through Assiteca Agricoltura, is ready to meet companies’ requirements in the whole country. In 2022, it worked in 17 regions for over 4,000 agricultural businesses with over 15,000 policies issued and a global value of insured productions amounting to €700 million.