Renewable energy, particularly photovoltaics, are increasingly a resource for Italy. Both private individuals on their roofs and companies often use photovoltaic systems to save money on utility bills.

Assiteca has studied specific insurance cover for photovoltaic systems. The policies are distinguished by comprehensive guarantees and cost competitiveness.

Our Specialists of the Renewable Energy Division can study the most effective solutions for your business.

The insurable risks are, among others:

• accidental events – fire, mechanical breakdown, electrical phenomena also in electronic components, etc..

• natural events – hail, wind, snow, etc..

• catastrophic events – floods, flooding, earthquake, etc..

• acts of third parties – theft, vandalism, arson, socio-political events, terrorism, sabotage, etc..

• civil liability – damage to third parties (activities and products) and their labor providers

• abortds of the activity – loss of revenue.

For each phase of the works related to the construction of a photovoltaic system is available on the policy:

• the policy Material damages and RCT;

• the cover system in Global Operations and the bill of Liability (RCT / O / Products).

The policy protects from direct and indirect damages with All Risks disclaimer, which protects from direct damage such as fire, machinery breakdown, theft, natural disasters or acts of third parties, caused the system from any event, whatever the cause, subject to the exclusions.

For consequential damages you get a compensation for the loss of revenue resulting from an interruption or reduction in the production of electricity resulting in material damage and direct.