FlexCargo is the cover designed by Assiteca for goods, following the transportation reform introduced with legislative decree no. 286 in 2005.

FlexCargo anticipates and solves the risks introduced by the haulage reform decree, by including, for the first time ever in Italy, new forms of protection to counter the negative effects of the new regulations.

The Flexcargo policy guarantees the risk of impounding and forfeiture and the payment of expenses for legal defense.

This is a flexible and innovative policy for the protection of the transport of all goods manufactured and marketed, purchased or sold, by the Company. It has been designed to immediately understand the guarantees, with an innovative wording proposing in a single text in Italian all the guarantees needed by the Companies, without making reference to other difficult to understand clauses “in English”.


  • Protects haulage worldwide with any vehicle (trucks, railroads, ships and planes), including stocks in transit;
  • Covers any good haulage, even if not purchase or sale-related, which is a risk often unexpected for the company, such as:
    • Work in progress goods;
    • Transfers between subsidiaries, associated companies;
    • Goods returns and returning goods;
    • Transfers between storehouses and warehouses of one’s own company and/or third parties;
    • Mailing of advertising material;
    • Participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, expositions and related inventory;
  • offers limits in line with the cover of haulage, even very valuable ones, and additional sums for the refund of all additional costs.