DRP – Disaster Recovery Plan is a valuable tool for the company to accurately plan the actions to be taken in case of a damaging event, to guarantee business stability and contain damage.

A Disaster Recovery Plan, set up thanks to the support of a broker like Assitecaand a thorough risk management strategy, is required to cover all the disaster management stages:

  • Reaction to the emergency
  • Restoration of operations
  • Recovery and return to normality.

Protecting the company from the risk of business disruption by insuring Indirect Damages, with an indemnity paid for the economic loss due to the turnover decrease and operating expenses increase, is not enough to guarantee to the company its competitiveness level.

But if an appropriate direct damage policy is combined with a DRP, the company can have a strategic tool to guarantee durable operations, protect the employees’ health and safety, and therefore improve the company’s reputation.

The Disaster Recovery Plan is beneficial also in the relationship between customers and suppliers and allows a better risk assessment in the insurance market.

Assiteca, having accrued a deep experience in this sector, has designed the booklet “DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)” (Approfondimenti series) to elaborate on the characteristics and  investigate on the spreading of the Disaster Recovery Plan in Italy.