“Risk Management in Italian Companies”

“Risk Management in Italian Companies” Assiteca promotes the first award in Italy for companies investing in risk management. The initiative is based on a survey, carried out with the support of a Technical Scientific Committee, aimed at assessing the degree of knowledge of Italian Companies on risk management, and subsequently bestow the award, during theTop Management Forum organized by Knowità.

Taking risks and being able to manage them has always been the main skill of entrepreneurship and an essential element of company management. Until few years ago, their management had focused only on few specialist areas. Today companies are required to pay more attention to risks threatening their businesses, to keep competing in a more and more turbulent and complex economic and financial scenario.

This is why risk management is now recognized as a process to be combined and completed with the other processes existing within the company, to be managed in a continuing and standardized way by means of organizational solutions acknowledged and shared by the whole organization.

“Risk management – says Luciano Lucca, President and CEO of the Assiteca Group has now become a crucial activity for all companies, redardless of their size. The Assiteca Group has been working in Italy for over 30 years and since the beginning it has been committed to spreading an insurance culture in the world of enterprises. Today, through this award, we wish to reward the companies that showed a particular interest for these issues and spread all the best practices in our country”.

The award for the first edition of the Premio Assiteca, dedicated to “Prevention, Risks and Responsibilities related to Safety in the Workplace” was bestowed to FASTWEB and CARIND, for the categories Large Enterprises and SMEs, respectively.

The second edition of the Award was about the procedures, tools and solutions for the protection of credit insurance. The winners were  GRUPPO MANNI, for the categories Large Enterprises, and Hollister (SMEs).

The third edition was dedicated to business continuity strategies for the preservation of corporate activities.

The winners were BARILLA G. e R. F.lli Spa and SKF INDUSTRIE Spa, who have distinguished themselves for the business continuity plan adopted.

The fourth edition of the Award focused on corporate compliance. ISAGRO e PETROLTECNICA were the winners.

DELLAS E PEDON received the Award for their insurance programs useful in export activities.