Who we are

The Assiteca Group was established in 1982 and it's now considered one of the major insurance brokers in Italy.
Assiteca is present in 24 cities in the whole of Italy and has also 3 offices in Spain, in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, with EOS.

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Special Divisions

Assiteca provides insurance consultancy and broking services and technical analysis of corporate risks.
Through the setting up of dedicated special divisions, Assiteca has accrued specific expertise in special sectors.


Products and Services


For those who transport, handle and buy or sell goods, an effective transport policy is a necessity, not a luxury. Since losses are unfortunately not unlikely events, but an everyday concrete possibility, to be managed strategically, it is essential to interact with a broker specialized in transports.


D.R.P. - Disaster Recovery Plan

A DRP - Disaster Recovery Plan is a valuable tool for the company to accurately plan the actions to be taken in case of a damaging event, to guarantee business stability and contain damage.



The International Division of Assiteca Group, one of the major Italian insurance brokers, guarantees an accurate and comprehensive service to all companies operating abroad. Assiteca works in cooperation with EOS RISQ, an International insurance brokerage holding company.



"Risk Management in Italian Companies: Prevention, Risks and Responsibilities related to Safety in the Workplace" Assiteca promotes the first award in Italy for companies investing in risk management. The initiative is based on a survey.



International Insurance Program

The insurance policy of a Company operating at international level (with branches, subsidiaries, associated companies, etc.) needs to be decided considering the contingent situations of the countries in which it is located.
Assiteca is able to offer the Company all the tools for the control and coverage of risks related to operations abroad, thanks to the experience accrued by the International Division. (read)

The Technical Division and Risk Management

The Technical Division offers technical and Risk Management services to the Customers (corporations and government agencies) of the Assiteca Group. The staff includes experienced risk analysts who, over the years, have completed over 3,900 insurance projects, thanks to which it is possible to identify the strategy that is most appropriate for each analyzed company and later monitor it to guarantee a “real time” updating. (read)